How much does powdercoating cost?

Due to the uniqueness of each job we don’t have fixed prices. Please call for a quote.

What colors and textures can be done with powdercoating?

The possibilities are virtually endless with powdercoating. There is over 10,000 colors we can buy and powder manufacturers offer custom color matching. As far as textures go there are many sizes of metal flake and wrinkle. Also, there are many different glosses.

Do I need to do any prep. before getting my parts powdercoated?

Bringing a cleaner part will help us and the price, but we will sand blast everything no matter what to create a superior sand etch for a superior finish.

How do I get my parts to you?

We can pick up within a reasonable distance for no charge with the van or the semi for whole car media blasting, you can drop your parts off, or you can ship to us as well.

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