OUR MISSION is to provide the highest quality powdercoating service to industry and the public with a high level of customer service at a fair and profitable price.

Premier Powdercoating Inc. is located in a very small town in western Wisconsin. It got its start when a company called Team Marine Inc., a manufacturer of dash and switch panels for the high performance boating industry was having problems getting their panels powder coated. the local shops just could not produce the quality their customers demanded. After years of searching , a powder coating company was located. The problem was they were almost two – thousand miles away. In this day of “just in “time manufacturing, the distance made this arrangement nearly unworkable . A better way needed to be found and Premier powdercoating was “hatched.” New state of the art equipment was brought in and set up, intensive training took place and it was soon evident that it wasn’t going to be easy. Those early days were hard with lots of mistakes and even a few bad words said, (who are we kidding, lots of bad words were said) but the continued pursuit for perfection paid off and now Premier enjoys a reputation as one of the finest powder coat shops in North America. In other words: we do really good work.